You need to revise your evasive answers to the last three items, including "the most private thing I'm willing to admit.

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You are a good-looking guy so I think you might think about the idea that the "glamour" photo you are currently using might actually scare away some serious prospects, in the sense that they will think either "he is vain about his looks" or worse "there is no way a man that handsome is going to be interested in me. You might, in a broader sense, look into IRL mixers: I met my partner at a speed-dating type event called "Date Bait. I couldn't look at your profile from work - now that I can, I second the "use the black and white photo" advice - the others are too pouty-alluring for what you're trying to convey.

12 Reasons Why You Should Date A Martial Artist

Also, maybe get another one taken - something spontaneous yet serious, somehow? These photos all make you look to me, at the advanced age of 37 really young and kind of vulnerable. Which would undoubtedly get you lots of play, were that your thing. The other thing - your profile seems so unrelentingly positive and healthy that it almost reads as depthless. Also, a lot of it is a list of things-that-sound-marvelous-like-a-really-good-travel-ad.

Talk about what you do as service to others, or why it's important to you, rather than the mere fact that you do it. Also, see if you can get a little bit more of your day-to-day stuff in - food, books, movies, favorite moments of the day. It basically seems like a perfectly pleasant profile to me, though.

Get some of the gay friends you've made through your volunteering to look at it - I assume there's stuff going on with it that non-gay-guys can't spot. Although I don't think that merely saying "I like to use my body every day" when you're talking about your job as a karate instructor ought to translate into "feel free to pressure me for sex because my every word drips innuendo". I really dig the photo you're using now, but it's really androgynous, and that might be coloring the response you're getting. IMO, the most private thing window and the other descriptive windows too are all good for generally throwing interests out there.

People write better messages when you give them a shitload of conversation-starters: I must have known over a hundred gay guys who have given me the same complaint as you have in the post. Lord knows I did it to. But looking back all of the guys at that age who were in relationships that lasted longer than a month were not afraid to test sexual compatibility. This is not to say you have to put out to get into a relationship.

But if you want sex and they want sex to put the breaks on the whole thing sends up a red flag. It is that red flag that every gay man learns to recognize: This may or may not be true but it can be a huge turn off either way. I think the problem here is with expectations. You are getting a ton of messages and you have not gone on very many dates but are disappointed because you have been expecting to find a match. My advice would be to go on more dates and don't be afraid to want what you want.

These little dates may not be successes, in that it leads to a relationship. But they are practice for when you do go on a date and you do like the guy and it does lead to a relationship. I was thinking about this - maybe ask yourself why you don't want to hook up. IME, people often have perfectly good reasons for not hooking up, and even have perfectly terrible reasons insecurity, social pressure, etc for doing so, but all those reasons are socially conditioned. None of them are placed inside you by god or genetics. Me, I have to trust people a little bit first because I'm a fattish nerdy queer woman who's had some bad experiences in the past.

If I were a different kind of person I might not have had bad experiences, I might find it easier to deal with people while being agnostic on trust.

The Best Place to Meetup with Martial Arts Singles

More than that, I feel like as a fattish queer woman, I don't have a lot of social power - so if someone wants to hurt me or use me or make fun of me, I don't have a lot of recourse. I just have to rely on building trust to prevent that. Similarly, what's up with your own reluctance to hook up? Obviously, the sexual assault you experienced plays a big role. So what makes you not want to hook up?

Are you afraid you'll like someone and they will just use you for a hook-up? Are you afraid you'll be judged on your sexual skills when you're not at your best? Do you semi-consciously think that sex without a relationship is trashy? Do you mistrust your ability to evaluate people? There are perfectly fine reasons not to hook up - maybe your life experience means that you just don't enjoy sex with strangers very much, and that's all right! But try to figure out why you're feeling what you're feeling.

ROMEO: How the #1 Gay Chat Dating Site is Building a Following Through Friendship & Love

That will give you more confidence when you interact with dates. Internalized homophobia. It's perfectly possible to get to be a functioning, out adult and still have a lot of internalized homophobia without even realizing it. I speak from experience! What is internalized homophobia, you say?

Well, for example, visceral dislike of anything that's coded "gay" by mainstream society. If you don't like Cher or musicals or flamboyant dudes or drag queens or whatever, fine, but if you have a visceral "ick" reaction instead of an "eh, whatever, I'm not into Cher, NASCAR or skiing" reaction, that's one locus of internalized homophobia.

Or feeling if you find yourself sabotaging your relationships, or ignoring your own needs in favor of what you think you "should" be doing whether that's hooking up, not hooking up, dating popular dudes when you really like nerds, whatever.

The Features Simplify Meetups for Gay, Bisexual & Trans Men

Or if you can only deal with gay stuff when it's as much like non-gay stuff as possible. It's really hard to grow up without internalized homophobia. If you think about your situation and that's something you're struggling with, it's okay. It's not your fault. People talk about this as if it's super easy to fix and as if people decide "hey, I'll be queer and slightly homophobic, that will be awesome!

Anyway, if you change your profile and so on and still aren't getting what you want, try doing some serious critical journalling not just what you're feeling but speculations about why, going on over time and trying to get to the core to figure yourself out. My attractive friend insists that he always proactively goes Looking on the sites - he'll glance through the guys that contact him and sometimes message back, but only if they're truly interestin , but he had much better luck looking for the similar-minded guys.

When he was looking for a relationship he also put that up front that he was seeking a LTR, and that helped, too.

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He's now happily married. Best of luck - you deserve to find all of the good stuff! You should try Gaydar. Also, I just wanted to mention that a number of sites will offer you the opportunity to filter the people who can contact you. After a couple weeks on match. The website automated an email that basically said, "We see you're getting a lot of emails from folks who aren't what you say you're looking for. Would you like us to take care of that for you? That said, there's a fine line between disqualifying people based on a checklist based on true incompatibility, and hiding behind unrealistic expectations.

It isn't just in fairy tales where Prince Charming appears in some unexpected and unfamiliar form, only to sweep us off our feet. I was actually more of a stickler for the age difference than you are - 3 years older, MAYBE 1 or 2 younger. Nothing else. Naturally, I've been dating someone 9 years my senior now for a year. He's got some other features that I never could possibly have anticipated, aside from the statistically significant age difference, some inconsequential loves horseback riding Don't let the qualifications for dating you become so strict that they disqualify everyone, because that will mean you miss out on someone wonderful.

It sounds like your stated qualifications which, if you look at them above, are very basic are not your ACTUAL qualifications. You really need to identify those qualifications and then take stock of how likely you are to find someone meeting them. If you were to work out the probability, I'm sorry to say that it would be rather low. A math guy in the UK worked out his probability last year, and it came out to a terrifying "1 in ," chance.

Don't let that discourage you. Let that inspire you to contemplate exactly which of your qualifications are etched in stone, and which are more flexible. Frowner has a lot of wisdom about internalized homophobia. Most folks have to learn this stuff the hard way, growing up. But you have a great opportunity here to hear it from perfect strangers that, hey, some of the things you say The whole "I want to date men, not men pretending to be women" thing is a trope that I'm pretty sure has been around since the first drag queen told the first dirty joke and it broke into a million pieces and that was the birth of faeries.

Likewise, thinking that "the gay community is primarily about sex" just means you don't know enough of the gay community. And that's okay. Very few can possibly know a representative sample of the gay community at 20 to really understand what it is all about. And actually, it is getting harder and harder to experience this so-called "gay community" because we're no longer ghettoized in seedy inner-city bars and clubs simply based on the fact that we're more accepted in society now.

Your generation are some of the first who don't have to go seeking out others of your kind in mythical far off Greenwich Villages around the world, because you're growing up in a world that accepts you just the way you are.