Here's a look at some Gay Social Networking groups near London.

The Quest for Gay Men. Gay Men's Movie Meetup. Gay Men's Movie Meetup 2, Buffs. Fabulous Forty plus Gay Girls New. Fabulous Forty plus Gay Girls 97 Members.

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Events 4 Gay Women UK. Gay parenting through surrogacy. Gay parenting through surrogacy Members. Gay Walthamstow. Gay Walthamstow members. London Sexuality - Dating, Parties and Socials. LGBT over 45s. LGBT over 45s 2, Members. London Lesbians Afoot! Liberal Muslims and Friends.

List of LGBT social networking services

Liberal Muslims and Friends 1, Members. East London Men's Meetup. Lesbian Book Club - East London. Gay Brunch Club. South London Lesbian Book Group.

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South London Lesbian Book Group readers. London Queer Writers. London Queer Writers 50 Members.

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Hoddesdon Lesbian Meetup. Hoddesdon Lesbian Meetup 49 Friends.

Top Five Gay Dating Apps - 2018

That Dinner Thing. That Dinner Thing 2, Diners. Femme Lesbians London.

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Women's Art Collective in London. Women's Art Collective in London 1, Collecterati. London Alternative Lifestyles Events. London Alternative Lifestyles Events Members. Lesbians Who Like To Row. Code Of Colour. Code Of Colour Members.

Here Are The World's Most Popular Dating Apps For Gay Dudes

LGBT Wellbeing. Lesbian Museum and Gallery Lates. Lesbian Museum and Gallery Lates 3, Members. Answered Apr 12, Though they are technically entertainment sites, not social networks, they both have large robust communities with a million or so monthly uniques each. What is best social network for writers?

If you count only the most popular ones, I would say Twitter because there is absolutely nothing in its infrastructure that could possibly be seen as heterosexist or cissexist.


It does not ask for gender or sexual orientation, so there is no way it could exclude any identities. Facebook asks for the user's sex, and only allows people to choose male and female. This means that genderqueer people cannot accurately represent their identity on Facebook. In addition, the "interested in" field only allows for male and female, thus erasing the identities of anybody who is interested in genderqueer people.

Yes, there are apps and free-form text boxes to express your true identity, but they don't get highlighted the same way your "official" Facebook gender is. However, its "real name" policy has caused confusion for people who don't go by their legal name - including transsexual people who have not yet legally changed their name.

The policy does not actually imply that you have to use your legal name, but it has caused confusion nevertheless. Quora User , gay activist.


It depends on the country you're living in. In Europe gay guys often use Gayromeo. If you also refer to moble apps i think Grindr is the most popular one. If you only refer to biggest and "generalists" social networks I have to say that Twitter product surprised me for the great number of gay guys avaible for dates I found there But none are as popular as Facebook.