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A while ago I asked backers if they'd like a more narrative style of visual novel and it was almost unanimous! So I've been rewriting the demo, and you guys are right. It's so much better. We learn so much more about Kenta, Raiden, Arata, and all the incubi.

Why Coming Out On Top Isn’t Allowed on Steam

The original script was 16, words. The new one is 27,! So we're almost twice as long and much better! The programmer is getting the script updated into the game right now and the new demos should be ready for download tomorrow or the day after. I'll remind you all to grab it when it comes out.

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We have 44 days to hit as many stretch goals as we can! There's already a new one added. Check it out in the campaign! Share this project Done. This is the question so many have taken to asking and immediately jump to some unfortunate, but grounded assumptions. Some believe that many homophobic, or at the very least incredibly ignorant, gamers will downvote the game heavily. The reason is incredibly simple: What does that really mean? This is okay for a Steam release. But any game which would escape such confines is simply not allowed on the digital storefront.

During the first week of launch adult-themed game Seduce Me saw tons of positive votes before being quickly removed. Of course, those rules seem pretty lax when games with stolen assets or are completely broken get added to the marketplace without Valve batting an eye.

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You can find these rules and more on the Steam Greenlight Submission Fee page. The important line as far as our discussion is concerned is as follows:. Valve maintains the right to a degree of wiggle room in the interpretation of these rules. Valve is the final gatekeeper — not community members. Instead what is worth discussing is the possibility of Coming Out On Top ever coming to Steam because it is actually possible. Unfortunately, the current solution would rob the game of much of its artistic merit, intentions, and become a bit less enjoyable.

Shock, how dare someone suggest censorship! Multiple visual novel publishers have been very successful on Steam Greenlight thus far. Keep up the awesome work! Since nearing the end, was curious bout my NPC slot? Can't find the email where sent the file and discussed. Hi Mazjojo and thanks a lot for the news. Can I ask you about the illustration used for the update banner at the start of this post?

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Is it direct from the game or is it some extra artwork? By the way do you plan to sell the physical goods related to this game later, or the items like artbook are only for the campaign?

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Wait so is the music nearly completed or has their been no progress with the music? Outside that it's great to hear the game is getting close to completion. It's good to know everything is going according to schedule. I'm also kind of hoping the font size will be adjusted because I feel like it's too small for people with poor vision. It's sad to hear that at the end, there's only 8 Backers out of 10 slots. Only 8 new npc, I thought they were 10 backer that choose the npc pack, did 2 opt out or something?

You're In My Capable Hands! - Full Service (4) (Kovit Route) (Demo)

Guillem You can find it on ZawarC's Twitter I can't post a direct link but if you go onto mazjojo's twitter and scroll down a bit you can find it! This looks better than expected! Can't wait to get my hands on the game. Where I can find the illustration made by "ZawarC"? It's really pretty cool! Lovin the update! Am concerned though. Thats a pretty decently sized text box.

Is the text scaling really going to be that small in the final product? There could be more spacing imo. I thought that the animations are gonna be like those Live 2Ds but tjis is amazing! Can't wait for August!